I surfed for biomimicry ideas and I cam3 up on the biomimicry of velcro.

Its very interesting how the nature is made and even the beauty of nature has a reason behind it.

BC model

I made a model on spread footing (shallow foundation). It topk about 60 hours for completion of the model and preparation of presentation

Product development Canvas

We prepared a canvas on a development of an Organic Waste Decomposer..

In this canvas I made a sketch of our product.

We identified the problems and tried to rectify the problems after public validation.

Navratri in VR

It was a fifth day and I wore a semi-traditional dress and went for navratri celebration in VR with my close friends

Ideation Canvas

I made a canvas on ideation of Sardar market.

We identifoed users, people, activities and location of the market after visiting the market.

Friend’s birthday

I gave my friend a surprise party on his birthday.. we gifted him different gifts which he loved the most.. it was a fun celebrating his birthday..

Scet freshers

The freshers was organised in Vijaya Laxmi hall. Mr. Priyank Sharma was invited as celebrity guest. The party was nice but the place was quite conjusted. It was quite suffocating.